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Vitruvian Trainer

Vitruvian Trainer

The Vitruvian Trainer is a cutting-edge fitness device designed to transform your workouts. This innovative trainer combines art and science to provide a comprehensive fitness experience. Its unique design, inspired by the Vitruvian Man, offers versatility for strength, flexibility, and balance training. With adjustable resistance and a user-friendly interface, it's suitable for all fitness levels. Achieve your fitness goals with precision and style as you engage in a workout that blends tradition with modern technology. This is the ultimate addition to your home gym!


Hire duration      Price per week

8-15 weeks                $ 40
16-23 weeks              $ 35
24+ weeks                 $ 30

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How it works

Step 1:
Select the duration and start date and click 'Apply'.
Step 2:
Click the 'Reserve now' button to reserve the item and follow that through to checkout.
Step 3:
Select delivery or collection and then 'Continue to reservation'.
Step 4:
Fill in your details including if you'd like to pay upfront or weekly and then 'Complete reservation' and await your confirmation email!

Only payment of security deposit is required at checkout until the first day of your hire period.

Book a viewing

If you want to check out the equipment in person before committing to a hire you can book a viewing with one of our staff members at the Wembley location with this email:

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