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Upper Body Erg

Upper Body Erg

Upper body ergometers, commonly known as arm ergometers, are versatile tools for enhancing strength and fitness. They can serve as effective warm-ups or cardio workouts, accommodating various preferences. Benefits include improved fitness and accessibility for those with disabilities, as they primarily engage the upper body. Ergometer workouts can be tailored for steady-state, heart rate-based, or high-intensity interval training. They are a valuable addition to any fitness routine, aiding in toning the abs, back, shoulders, and arms, while also saving time for individuals with busy schedules. Whether in the gym or at home, ergometers offer diverse fitness and strength-building advantages.

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Life Fitness


Hire duration      Price per week

8-15 weeks                $ 40
16-23 weeks              $ 35
24+ weeks                 $ 30

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